Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Even the little things!!!!

Silly little things seem to make this momma super excited! How about you? Lately, it seems like the Lord has written particular verses and promises just for me. I have been doing an organized Bible study and journaling and am learning so much. But oftentimes when my faith seems small and the sneaky devil is trying to discourage me, God jumps in and "coincidentally" gives me the verses I need in order to push me on! I know that, with God, nothing is a coincidence, and I praise Him for the lessons He has been so willing to teach me. So thankful too that I am now willing to accept those lessons and grow from them. So, as you face the trials and paths of life I pray, as a friend, that you will allow God to step in and comfort, direct, and hold your hand along the way! NOTHING is too big for Him...believe me, I know and am so thankful for God's mercy and grace for me! If you haven't yet gleaned something from His Word this morning...go jump into it and open your heart to His leading!