Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Baby is off to school!!!!!!

It is unimaginable how time flies especially when you are a parent and hold your lille one in your arms at 31 weeks and 4 pounds. Hard to believe that little one has been in kindergarten for over a week now, and I am wiping away the tears that my "little" ones aren't so little anymore.

We prayed much as to the options that were before us with schooling and just really did not have peace about many of them. I know, that only by the grace of our God did an opportunity arise for a dear friend with 40 years experience in elementary ed begin teaching again from her home! The Lord clearly flung the door wide open and we jumped through it.

The first week was great, and Andrew loves it and is doing well. We at home have a new schedule and miss him, but are adjusting well. Chloe had a rough few days, but I think she is taken to playing polly pocket at the kitchen counter without her brother trying to play with her....their style of play is quite different when it comes to polly pocket!