Monday, September 12, 2011

Full plate---God's Strength

It may seem silly to some to compare your life to a plate of food, but sometimes things like that help me "chew and swallow" a bit easier. It seems of more recently that my flesh wonders, "Can God really put anything else on my plate?" Only to watch as He scoops yet another spoonful of trials, sufferings, decisions, and more. It's taken me a long time to really rest in the truth and fact that He will give me (my plate) nothing more than it can hold and handle with Him. Isn't it a joy to know that "He will never leave me, nor forsake me?" What a comfort to know that ALL things work out together for good to them that love Him! I am continually reminded by Satan and my flesh of all the "negatives," which, in all honesty, are not to be negatives in God's perspective. What a treat to know that those "negative" feelings are those that I must beg God to show me and grow me through. I am so thankful that the pleasant times outweigh the bad for sure! Now I find myself praising God more for the good things in the midst of contemplating the "negative." So grateful that HE can give me the power and victory to combat Satan's malicious thought controlling tactics and throw Scripture in his face, smile, and walk away knowing that it was all God giving me what I needed.
The Lord has really been helping me when I think negatively of something to quickly think of something that I can be thankful for amidst the situation...
  • Hospital visit at midnight with a hive stricken angel---Extra time to spend with my little one and a time to show her that mommy is trusting Jesus to take care of the situation. Oh, and lots of laughs in cold hospital rooms. 
  • Uncertainties in ministry---An extra focus on my family and my relationship with God---wouldn't trade these two for anything
  • Frustrations with job and finances---Having a job at all is worth being thankful for
Those are just a few and may seem little to you, but I know that each of you have a full plate too. If you don't I pray you will never forget that trusting the Lord is crucial with a full or half-empty plate.
I am so thankful for a new day and the sweet promises He gives me each day. I cannot describe the change that God has done in my heart the last several months. I often sit and just shake my head trying to grasp all that He has accomplished. And, the best part, it hasn't been Molly Swaffer---it has been God. I am begging Him to always have my hand and help me to be humble before Him as He seeks to create a masterpiece fit for His service.

So, as you approach your "plate" today, remember that God's grace is sufficient and He will never give you more than you can handle WITH HIM!! My sweet friends, keep your eyes upward and remember, my plates full too, just with different foods!