Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hospitals, Hives, and Hard Decisions

It seems like when God gives blessings He dumps them in our laps and sits and listens to us praise Him over and over for all the great things. Yet, I believe, He lets the hard times fall in our laps too and sits down to listen for those songs of praises too! Yet, all too often, we fail to lift our voice to Him when the trials come our way. I am constantly reminded of the testimony of Paul and Silas as they lifted their voices to praise God amidst the tightened chains and cold, dark dungeon. So thankful for the examples of these men who sought to prove their trust for God no matter what came there way.

We have spent more times than not these last several months in doctors' offices, sleep tests, and multiple hospital visits with our little Chloe. If you haven't followed the news and info on her conditions I will try and summarize it a bit! We were noticing she was having several sleeping issues at night---horrible breathing, heart rates stopping, snoring, and just not sleep at all. After a horrid and unforgettable sleep test in the Charlotte office we discovered that she had the worst case of sleep apnea ever. I say worse because they compared her to an 85 year-old man. She had 15 instances of sleep apnea within a given hour, when usually a bad case in a child is 4-5.  After lots of consultation and many more doctor's visits of poking and prodding, Chloe received surgery on June 26th to remove her tonsils and adenoids. Poor little one seemed to have taken a not so excited fancy to doctors and nurses alike. The surgery went well, but then we scheduled another horrid and unforgettable sleep test to determine the success. Wednesday marked our GREAT day in, yet another consultation with the doctor. She gave a big smile, and said she couldn't believe the results. Chloe went from 15 to 0 instances in an hour. That is God alone!!! There is no need to see a heart specialist because her heart issues went away completely! God is good and we are rejoicing in His answering so many prayers of from this mommy and daddy!

Now, on another note, we spent several hours in the ER with her Sunday night from an extensive reaction to something! She broke out in hives everywhere. We have never encountered allergies of this nature, so now begins the road of discovering what causes this. So, amidst the good and not so good we are praising the Lord for His hand in and through it all, and we are trusting for Him to grow our faith and trust through it! Thank you to those who prayed for Chloe! What a joy to be ale to go to the throne of grace for our requests!