Friday, September 30, 2011

A much needed BREAK!!!!!!

I am so thankful for coupons!!!! Have I said that recently??? Well, through various circumstances we ended up with season passes for Dollywood this year. We have only been  twice and hadn't used them since, but weren't really planning on it. We just so happened to have our family vacation there and went the following week with the youthgroup so it was cheaper going the season pass route. We got a coupon in the mail a few weeks ago saying we could bring a friend for free. So, without telling them where we were going we loaded our little ones up early Monday morning and headed to the beautiful hills of Tennessee!!! I think Mommy was more excited than everyone! Then, to top it off Brian had me call Dixie Stampede and make reservations for supper!!!!! Seriously??? Ahhh, the life of surprises and days out with the whole family filled with laughter and great memories! The little ones were jumping up and down when we finally pulled into the Dollywood entrance and it all seemed to come back to them of all the fun we had when we had gone in May.

Our day was filled with lots of rides, yummy food, water, and great memories. I am so thankful for my little ones and my Godly husband who cared enough about taking a day off to just relax and get away with his family!

Dixie Stampede was better this time than the last time and we had great seats especially for our little ones. They seemed to see so much more and didn't come unglued at all. They loved the three singers at the beginning and enjoyed getting some extra attention from them too.

Well, as for keeps going whether in the mountains of Tennessee or in our humble abode. I am super stoked about a yard sailing trip I've planned with some friends for tomorrow. I've looked forward to it since last October, so I am ready to go!! Too bad we have to get up at 4, but it will be worth it, right? Will post pics maybe if I find some good stuff.

Next week we drive to Wisconsin to see one of my sisters get hitched. We are looking forward to seeing lots of family and friends whom we haven't seen since our wedding----almost 7 years. Then, when we return from that, I jump into catering a wedding here.

So, lest you think my life is dull you are wrong, my friend! Even in the busy and dull times I have an Almighty God who has proven Himself my very Best Friend! Look to Him this weekend, my matter your circumstances!