Saturday, September 10, 2011

Passin' the time

With so many life changes, we are filling up our time with lots of different things. We have been attacking several projects around the home, for which I am so thankful. I had a pretty late cleaning job last night that left me pretty wiped out, but figured I'd stop into Patriot Jacks for their Midnight mayhem sale. I got Brian and Andrew a Christmas gift and myself a pair of vibram five fingers and only paid $35! Pretty cool, especially when my "shoes" were originally $80! So, needless to say, the morning wasn't as early as our normal habits, but it sure felt good to sleep past wake up time.
Saturday brings it's usual endeavors---- lawn work, chores, laundry and more. But, today I had the fun task of getting supper ready for a sweet college couple. They are having a date here tonight and asked me to fix burgers. So, burgers it is with lots of yummy sides! Looking forward to an evening of fellowship with some sweet people. Then Chinese is on the menu for our college clan's lunch tomorrow, so much work ahead of me.
Thankful each day for all the things the Lord does for me. I am so grateful that He cares for little me! How about you? Are you thanking Him for even the simplest of things like running water, green grass, a refrigerator? I surely am! Have a blessed weekend worshiping our Loving Lord!