Friday, September 23, 2011

Rainy Days

The Lord has been blessing us with tons of rain! We definitely needed it, but the little ones are getting a bit restless being cooped up all the time. However, we seem to still be having fun. We have enjoyed baking, cooking, coloring, cleaning, and watchin Veggie Tales. We found 6 of them at a local thrift store for 60 cents!

School is going great for Andrew! His teacher is the best and she says he is just cruising with the reading and math.  Super thankful for this prayer request and are excited to see how he continues to grow.

Chloe has a new playmate a few days a week. My husbands boss has gotten custody of her 4-year old granddaughter and needed a sitter occasionally. She is a sweet girl and I think she and Chloe will become close friends. We are indeed enjoying this ministry opportunity too. Praying for Kaylin's salvation.

Maddie is my mischievous one! She is super fun, animated, and into EVERYTHING. But, we love her and try to keep up with her as best as we can. She is teething lots and is incredibly unbalanced. She has a huge knot on her forehead and a bruise from running into the wall on her cheek. So, so much for pictures anytime soon.

We are enjoying Missions Conference this week and the kids were able to dress up for the kid's parade on Wednesday. Andrew dressed for Colorado and Chloe dressed for Japan. I love my super cute kiddos.

Well, have a blessed weekend...rain or no rain...God is good all of the time!