Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seconds, Minutes, Hours----Eternity

So, I know that everyone's blog serves for different purposes, but I am so thankful I can use mine to share what God is working in my heart about. And, for those who'd rather just get decoration ideas, money saving tips, and other stuff they can visit other blogs! However, I try to add a little bit of everything to wet those other appetites too.
I am finding so much more that technology can be such a waste of time. Nothing against all those great sights like pinterest, ebay, amazon, southern savers, and lots of really cool blogs, but we can really WASTE time on those sights. I have been begging the Lord to show me where my priorities were and get me to realize just how much time I was spending on Facebook, looking at blogs, gleaning "helpful" decorating ideas, and just browsing to browse. Let me just say, I never realized those 15 minutes could really add up. So, I have discovered that I need to be more aware of it and spend so much more time in God's Word and in other more fruitful endeavors. I am realizing my home is a much happier, clean, and orderly home when I am prioritizing my time in light of eternity.

In part of my devos this morning I was reminded of the importance to be excited and watchful for my Lord's return. I cannot wait, now more than ever! What are you spending your time each day doing? Do you find yourself not having enough time for more important things? Are we really looking at our priorities and asking God to put them in the right order? I pray each of us takes a closer look at the seconds of our day and remember that God above will hold us accountable for how we spend them!  Have a blessed day!