Friday, September 9, 2011

Stop Comparing and Start Contenting!!!

So, it is officially a new word...."contenting," that is! I figured a catchy no word kind of title would get people to read this more! Well, I hope they would read and follow even if I didn't make up crazy words.

The Lord has truly been working in my heart much lately in the area of being content with what I have. Funny how all too often we pray for a different job, bigger house, better clothes, more money, and whatever else. Yet, when He answers those prayers of desire or need we complain some more of the exact same things we had wanted in the first place. Honestly, it's really not funny; it's pretty disgusting, if you ask me! I am guilty of this very thing all too often. I have really been struggling with ministry opportunities and just frustrated at changes, wishing for more or what not. Yet, the Lord keeps lovingly rebuking me to remember that He holds me in the center of His hand and desires for me to rest in them and let Him lead in whatever comes. It's easy to look at others and see how God is blessing them in seemingly similar situations while you stand by and become envious or impatient with God and His leading.

I am so excited to see what God has for our lives! My wise, godly momma keeps reminding me that God has something better for us, but we must patiently wait for Him. What a joy to wake up, run to His Word and throne of Grace and thank HIM ALONE for all that He has given us! This morning, I walked around our home looking at all the "things" God has provided for us, but then I sat down and pondered over all the blessings He has given to me alone...
  • A Godly husband who I watch each morning diligently studying God's Word
  • A husband who prays with me, encourages me, challenges me, rebukes me, forgives me, loves me, and works so hard for us
  • 3 Beautiful children
  • A Godly teacher who is sacrificially teaching Andrew kindergarten
  • A tremendous church family
  • A beautiful and comfortable house for which I can call HOME
  • Joy
  • A job, despite the inconveniences and frustrations, it's the one God has for us right now
  • A healthy family
  • Salvation!!!!!!!!
    My list could go on forever, but may I remind my sweet friends that a day when it seems easy to complain, compare, or be discouraged can be day we praise the Lord for all that matters most! So thankful that He never leaves or forsakes His children.