Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weddings, travel, and more weddings!

I know, I know, it's been two weeks since my last update. But, you have to understand as much as I love to blog and enjoy sharing what God is doing in our lives I don't have time everyday to do so. Our lives seem busier than ever and the Lord's opening of doors often leads me bewildered. So, whether I update daily or not does not mean a thing---other than my having more important things to do like: cuddle on the couch with my hubby, make homemade cookies with my munchkins, take a walk in the crisp night air, spend some extra time in prayer, or simply sit on the couch and do NOTHING!!!! I know, shameful for sure! We have traveled many miles over the last few weeks and seem to have had our share of sickness, frustrations, and many other issues. Yet, God is always good and we are praising Him for the trials He puts us through and gives us the strength we need to get through them.

Our vehicles have given us many financial issues the last month 'n a half and we are praying they hold out much longer and we don't have to keep shelling out money we don't have in order for them to run smoothly.

I broke my toe a week before my little sis's wedding, but it seems to be finally healing despite the multiple times it's been stepped on by chunky Maddie and bumped by other clumsy people. (o: Andrew has had the flu, Brian's allergies have flared, Maddie's fallen and bruised her face twice and scraped off a good portion of her thumb. And, Chloe, well, she's had a bad case of the crabbys! With all that said, we are better today and excited to see what the Lord has for us next week!

We had a marvelous time at Emily's wedding in Wisconsin. It was a short trip, but jam packed with tons of stuff. I enjoyed helping my mom quite a bit with decorations and some food. I did enjoy dipping 550 strawberries for the reception. Wish we could have visited longer, but with Brian's job and minimal hours as it is we needed to get back Monday. Andrew has school too, and, of course, mommy had another wedding to cater yesterday. So, amidst the whirlwind of the trip I had another wedding and all the plans that come with it running through my head.

I am so thankful for the grace and strength God gives on a day to day basis. I felt the least amount of stress for this wedding than any of the others I've done. It was gorgeous and things all turned out super well. I can only give God the glory for it, because I tried three new recipes---2 being completely adapted and they were my favorites. Despite have major outlet issues and ending up needing a generator the morning of the wedding it ran very smoothly! When my computer stops freezing up maybe I can upload a few more pics. Have a blessed day in the Lord's house tomorrow!