Thursday, November 10, 2011

A whole month? For real?

So, had to take a break from blogging for a time. Just too much going on for this little girl. Plus, I was really trying hard to focus on some extra devotional reading and other reading that would help me grow closer to the  Savior. Sometimes I can really let technology take over my time and interest and forget about what is truly important.

 What are your plans for the holidays? I have a busy schedule and absolutely tons of company, parties, and food, food, food! Lately I have been finding some new recipes and/or redeveloping some and trying some new things. Part of it is because I am on a eating healthy "diet" (aka ---Weight Watchers) and am trying to lose all this extra chunk. Yes, I know, during the holidays??? You bet, I weigh less than I did before Chloe was born, so only 100 pounds more to go! ha ha

As for our life here at never ceases to amaze me how things go on. We have had broken down vehicles, er visits, tons of work, crazy sicknesses, and an over amount of responsibilities. Yet, God always allows things to get done, paid for, and extra little blessings on the side.

My hubby and I have been able to plan more dates and more often! They have been tons of fun. We went out to dinner and to a play last, and had some good laughs and great food. I love my godly, hard working man! He surprised me last week with lunch out with the kids. We went to a yummy Japanese place and the kids loved watching them cook the food in front of us!

Hope you all have a marvelous to serve at a fundraiser dinner!