Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What am I looking forward to?

Seems amidst the hub bub of the holidays and crazy shopping, baking, and lots of planning, we tend to forget about the reason for this extraordinary season. I am so thankful that our Savior humbled Himself to come to earth for us in a stinky manger.
So much has been running through my mind of late that I have run to the hope of Heaven so much more! I cannot wait and cannot stand waiting! Praying maybe it is His desire for the New Year, and I am 100% ready for it! What a great hope we have to sit at His feet and worship Him with no tears, sadness, disappointments looming, and many other negatives that a day to day here on earth brings our way! I am looking forward to it, are you? And, if He waits even longer, I am praying He gives me the grace and strength to glorify and honor Him in all I do this upcoming year. So many new horizons loom before us, and sometimes it's just a tad scary not knowing what lies ahead. But, I am so thankful that He gives me all that I need to be what I need to be for Him. May you each have a great Christmas! And, if He gives us more time here on  earth, make sure you are running to Him and proclaiming the Good News to all you come across.