Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's time for a shower!

Ha ha, bet you never heard a title like that!!! Ever been in the midst of one of those days where it seems nothing more could go wrong and then Wammo! Something bigger and "worse" happens! Yup, that's been like the last several weeks for me. I am not complaining, just sharing some of the burdens that have so easily beset my aching heart more recently. God has reminded me time and time again that His strength is made perfect in my weakness---IF I am faithful to Him and running to Him with my burdens. So, what's with the shower? Well, my shower time isn't just to get clean physically! I love to do all sorts of things in the shower. Silly to you it may seem, but the shower is my "quiet" time and time for ME! With three little munchkins these times are not often enough, but two days ago, I made time for 3 showers! I know, crazy I am, but they always help!

So, what do I do? I cry, sing, laugh, pray, exercise, think, meditate, scrub the shower, scrub me, and pour my heart out to the Lord.

Some days seem harder than others, but I am rejoicing that God in His love and power has chosen me to be His servant! I wonder sometimes if the Lord has allowed testings as He did in Job's life in order to test how we will respond. Oh, I know that what we endure is nothing compared to many others, and that is not my intent to sit here and compare trials or difficulties, but to remind myself and maybe other fainting hearts that God's grace is sufficient and He wants so much to make your strength stronger through seemingly "tough" times!

I am so thankful for a tender, loving husband who has so faithfully run to the Word of God and not questioned God's testings! It seems easier as women to be more emotional, yet I am blessed to have a godly husband who has been a great anchor for me! God is good ALL of the time, and I am eagerly ready to keep jumping into this new year with an attitude to serve Him and love Him NO matter what!

I know there are many heavy hearts in the blog world too, but may I lovingly remind you, that God has a HUGE purpose for those broken times just as He has for the "better" times too. Silly, but sometimes I like the harder times more than the easier, because it keeps me on my knees more (or in the shower more) (o; and it makes me more aware of how truly big my God is!

So amidst your "good" and "rough" days are you pouting or praising? Do you need a shower? I just finished mine! (:

2 Corinthians 12:9~ ...My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness...