Thursday, January 26, 2012

The little finds

A few weeks ago I went goodwill shopping with a friend in the Charlotte area. Seems like there are goodwills and thrift stores popping up like daisies here and I'd love to just hit 'em all! Well, I didn't have much money, so was really praying for a few little finds that I could claim as my "projects" for the next week. I walked away with this ugly little wooden kitchen and paid only $2.21 for it! I saw lots of potential and figured Chloe would place her order as to the changes that were to be made. So, here it is......

Her favorite part seems to be the chalkboard I painted on the whole one side! It is a fun spot to leave our little love messages to them too! And, because of this, my little man begged me to paint the side of his book cabinet with chalkboard paint so he could get love notes too!!! I love it!