Friday, January 13, 2012

Why him and not you?

The Lord took this young man home to Heaven on Tuesday after a terrible car crash! My mind has wandered much the last few days on why the Lord would chose to take a young 20-year old man who was so on fire for Him and leave many apathetic and pathetic Christians here to continue to hurt the name of Christ!

I did not know this young man personally, but I do have several friends who were very close and continue to be affected positively by this young man's faith and sincere love for our Savior! My husband reminded me that we can often look at tough things like this and question God's motive. Yet, He has a purpose and He chose to use Aaron Anderson here on earth for a time and now has better plans. I believe, since Tuesday, the Lord has already used many of the media and Gospel presentations  Aaron so readily shared.

Who knows, maybe Aaron's death can be a "wake-up" call for believers out there who are sitting on the edge, playing with the world, or are so immersed in sin that Christ has taken last place in their life! I pray that this will be the case! The Lord has used this in my life already to give me an increasing desire to share the Gospel and not be ashamed of it at all! We must remember that our life is but for a moment and we must live it in light of eternity! What an overwhelming testimony Aaron lived in this respect! For you juggling the world and Christ-----throw the world down and grab onto Christ and let Him use you!