Tuesday, February 21, 2012

35 men, really?

 This was just the sweet table. I couldn't find room for me to take pictures of the full counter.
We had biscuits n' gravy, scrambled eggs 2 ways, hashbrown casseroles, sausage, bacon, livermush, and lots more.
Sure was a fun thing to watch as men just seemed to pour into our home last weekend! What a joy to be part of a church family who has monthly men's prayer breakfasts. You know they enjoy eating, but to know they gather to pray is pretty awesome! It was a long few days and early morning in preparations, but I praise the Lord for the opportunity He gave us to host it this time. I think we need to buy a bigger house for the next time! (o;

Extra blessing: I slipped out right before they prayed for the meal for some "me" time. When I came back I was expecting to have to clean for awhile, but nope! All the food and cleanup had been done by some pretty awesome men! Thankful for some godly examples in our church!