Monday, February 6, 2012

Antique stores---really?

Last week we were able to go away with some friends for a 3 fun-filled days of adventures without our little ones. I had too much fun I think! It was definitely nice to get away especially after an incredibly busy last several weeks. One of our many adventures was shopping! Yes, I know, it seems to be one of my favorite things to do, but antique shopping isn't usually in my price range. We ventured into several and found a few things. Then, we walked into this one that had huge chandeliers hanging everywhere. I looked at my friend and we both chuckled mentioning that we probably wouldn't get anything from this particular store.

Yet, we were mistaken. As we browsed we "happened" across a jackpot of a booth! We were finding milk glass for $1, frames for 50 cents, baskets for 50 cents and more. We both ended up with full baskets and spent under ten dollars! It was pretty much amazing. As we were leaving the man who owned that booth told us that he was getting another shipment in that evening. So, we marked it on our list to do the next day.

We both found a few more things the next day and had tons of laughs as we crawled around the floor digging through the piles underneath the tables. Ahh, the memories within each of our finds is endless!

My crazy, sweet friend digging for treasures....

My loot....