Friday, February 3, 2012

Funny and NOT so funny!

So, some may relate a bit, and some won't, but you can still sympathize, right? Yesterday was a not so fun day in the area of eating for me. I did manage to keep most of my lunch down, for which I am SO VERY thankful! Seems like a silly thing, but it is AWESOME when I can keep 1 meal down in a day.

I am truly thankful for the job the Lord has allowed me to have for a little over a year now cleaning 3 H&R Block offices. However, peak season is not the most fun time to clean. They are opened until 10 at night and some until 11, so it can be a late night for my friend and I. I left the house starving just because of losing all else, but figured, Oh well! We finished the three disgusting offices and I dropped my friend at her house at 12:35. I noticed that the gas tank wouldn't last to home, so figured it was in my best interest to get some gas. Unfortunately there is only one gas station open that late at night (early in the morning, whichever you like to say). I knew I needed to grab a snack, but the line outside was really long, it was chilly, and the people in line didn't look like the best of company. So, I opted to run through nasty McDonald's drive-thru. Ha, bad idea number one!

I sat in the drive-thru for 10 minutes before getting to the thingy-ma-jig to order. Then I sat there for another 10 minutes with noone talking to me. Seriously? I kindly said things like, "Hello, anyone there? Is anyone working? I'd like to place an order, I am pregnant and sick, I need to eat." Still no answer. I finally gave up after a long, patient wait of 20 minutes in the drive-thru. I chose to just go to the window and order there. When I turned the corner I noticed that the 2 cars in front of me had given up too and the ones behind. The lady was totally flirting with the guy in the white truck that had been 3 vehicles in front of me. Really? I know it is 12:45 in the morning, but you still have a business to run. Needless to say, this pregnant lady wasn't so happy and my tummy was getting worse and I was shaking from no food. So, I did something I NEVER do!!! I left the drive-thru and went across the way to ....drumroll....... BURGER KING! I was desperate! If you know me well, I HATE Burger King! I don't think I've been to one since I was little, and even then I disliked how greasy and gross the food was. We used to nickname it Booger King just for fun. I caved and sat in this line for a few minutes behind all the people who had left the McDonald's drive-thru. It didn't take long till I was stuffing my face with a snack and downing a bit of liquid to passify my burning hunger. The whole time I was begging the Lord to keep it down and let me go to sleep on a full tummy just one night! He answered that prayer, and despite the fact that it was from Burger King and not the most healthy, I went to bed with a full stomach. Too bad it's not full anymore! (o;

So, be thankful for your food today! I sure am, even if it is only there a few minutes.