Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gotta sweet tooth?

Some people ask why I have such a huge candy jar or why candy appears in my home all the time! Well, my mommy taught me that! Yup, I learned everything I know from my mom! She's the best and I am so blessed for the many life-changing lessons she has taught me over the years. One was to make sure that my home was always opened for a pop-in visitor! As I was growing up I do not remember very many days when we didn't have an unexpected or expected guest. It often was just a pop in, quick chat kind of situation, but often there were many times my mom would counsel, make a snack for, or you name it! I always loved that about our home! It was fun to have people over and wasn't really ever considered a chore. I guess that is what helped instill in me a love for having people over---my mom's awesome example and tremendous memories!

I often remember times I'd sit at the dining room table and chat with other godly, older women who came to visit my mom! Often we would laugh about stories til we were all sick and in tears. It was always so much fun. Times like those are some of the sweetest memories I have of many godly women! I pray that my little ones can have similar memories of what our home is like. Even now, they ask after EVERY church service who is coming over. No jokes made there! Chloe often doesn't understand that Wednesday nights typically are later services and people have to go to work and school the next day. It can bring tears often! But, I am so glad they too love to fellowship with others. It is fun, and can be fun, and I love it!

So, what does a candy jar have to do with it? Well, my momma grew up not being able to enjoy many sweets, desserts, and never a candy jar! She told herself at a young age that she would always have candy or snacks available in her home always! Why? Well, she thought it was important to have something to share with anyone and everyone at the drop of a hat. I remember when she'd pull out the m&m jar and take off the lid and set it in the middle of the dining room table when she'd have a pop-in visitor! It was just a sweet treat, conversation piece, and often just a little something to put a smile on someones' forlorn face. It was because of her to that I have cookie dough always (unless sick) readily accessible to pop a few cookies in and have fresh cookies made in a matter of minutes.

You may think I'm silly, but when I pull out this bad boy, huge candy jar on Sunday afternoons, it causes many a smiles from exhausted college students faces! They know now too that they can help themselves any time they decide to "pop-in"! It is important for people to feel at home in our home! Well, at least I think so! I love it when I have people pop their head in my fridge and grab a drink or when they hit the candy jars or grab a pretzel from the snack jar. I know, I may be weird and you may be like, "That is so rude." But, not I! So, what are some things you like to have available for the not expected visitor or crisis snack? Would love to hear what you do...