Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love of my life!!

I cannot say enough just how much in love I am! Really, if someone had told me marriage was this good before, I wouldn't have believed it! We have been married almost 7 years and have 3 precious little ones and 1 on the way! I emphasize 1 because our son keeps informing people that I am having triplets! Silly boy! So, back to the marriage thing... I continue to marvel at God's love for us and His clear direction in life as we seek to please Him in every area. Granted, we are certainly not perfect and have many areas in which we must still grow and work on! Praise the Lord for His road map to life, marriage, and love----His Holy Word!

Eight years ago I swore up and down that I would NEVER marry Brian! Ha ha, well, that obviously was a silly statement to make---since the Lord had other plans---much better, might I add. Each day I praise the Lord for my hubby and for how God has used him in my life to help me be who I am today! I love him dearly, and am truly blessed to call him my Sweetheart for life!!!! So, this Valentine's Day what are your plans for your special sweetheart? I have big plans...been planning for a few weeks, and I am so excited! We had our dinner date out last Friday since our little ones were at a sitters overnight so I could prepare for feeding 35 men early the next morning. We had the most scrumptious meal ever at a new steakhouse in our town! A few weeks ago I started looking for several things that would help me make a special "in-home" date for my man! Hmm, maybe next week I will share pictures. We shall see! Have a sweet day with your spouse and your little ones!!!