Monday, February 20, 2012

Lunch date with Daddy

Some days driving to Charlotte to meet Daddy for lunch is just what a girl has gotta do for her and her littles! We spontaneously decided we were gonna do just that last week! It was a bit colder than it had been, but mommy was craving Chinese and Daddy was in the general area of where we wanted to go! So, off on our crazy little adventure to the world's best chinese food----Dragon Fly! If you haven't been there, go there! After a yummy lunch we enjoyed playing at the fountain. Granted, all three of the kids got soaked and we were freezing, but it sure made for lasting fun memories together. Afterwards we "ran" through the dig n' save Goodwill since we were "happening" to drive right by it! I love that place! I usually grab an empty bin and rip the bag out and put Maddie in the bottom with a pile of books to read. I push her and Andrew and Chloe enjoy pushing around the bin that we usually fill! We found some great Veggie Tale movies, a few plates, wreath, and a bunch of summer clothes for the girls! Bin was full and we only paid $12! Pretty sweet!