Saturday, February 4, 2012

My sweet girl is already 4????

I know, I am overdue with this post!! Quite honestly forgetfulness has become my middle name the last several weeks. I have a good excuse, I guess, but nonetheless it can be very annoying. My family came almost two weeks ago and we were in the process of organizing, cooking, decorating, and baking for a marriage seminar the same week; along with the usual menu planning, cleaning, and more in preparation for week-long company. This forgetful momma forgot that her little girl had a birthday that week until the Sunday before! Crazy, I know!

So, I scurried about and figured out what we were doing and invited her list of people she wanted to join her princess party. Yes, princess again! Not sure if this sweet thing will grow out of this princess craze! She begged for a carriage cake with a Cinderella INSIDE! Tall orders especially for a mommy who wasn't feeling too great and had tons to do. But, I was thrilled to do it.

It was the worst cake I think I've ever done, but honestly, Chloe reminded me of why I do it....for them! She kept walking by it and just lighting up like I had given her the best thing ever. It made me smile so much especially when I had to constantly readjust the carriage as it slid down the cake, fill in holes since I had to hollow it out for a silly Cinderella doll, and fix it dozens of times. Her little smile made those frustrations worth it. I am thankful for the help of many hands in this preparation. Even Grandpa helped form the rice krispie carriage.

Chloe's two aunts also agreed to one of Chloe's requests---dressing up like fairies! Great sports they were.

 It was a great party and we are so blessed for our little four-year-old!