Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shopping more than 1 store with 3 kids and pregnant!

I am often referred to as crazy, strange, a nut, and quite honestly, I think all of those names are true of me! But, I don't care! I like being crazy and I certainly love saving money! I believe it is one of the biggest ways I can contribute to the financial part of our marriage. If you are like me our grocery budget isn't like many others. I marvel at people who can actually afford to shop only at Walmart or one store. Kuddos to them, but I truly enjoy the challenge of couponing and hitting more than one store. I typically get money twice a month for groceries, but often try to split it up so I can coupon every week.  Some weeks are better than others, for sure, but I still love the results.

I am thankful to have finally figured out somewhat a routine on couponing. I do not go extreme, but simply use the coupons of things we normally eat. Honestly, I am a scratch baker and cook, so processed junk is not on the norm for shopping lists. However, potato chips is something my hubster loves and I find some awesome deals in this department with my coupons. Meat is a huge one too. We feed at least 9 hungry college students plus our own family every Sunday, so I keep my eyes peeled for good meat sales.

What do I do with my kids? Hmm, the list is long, I may say! Well, many of the stores we hit actually have some pretty cool carts. The two older ones switch off in holding the list and the coupons while the other relaxes in the bus or race car cart with Maddie! Harris Teeter also provides free cookies and baloons for the little ones on their way out, so that is definitely a fun little perk toward the middle of our trip. They love helping put things in the cart, add up our total, scan at the checkout, and more!

I guess it's all in my attitude for the shopping trip. Patience is not my cup of tea, but grocery shopping and the Lord has indeed grown me in this weakness so much the last few years. I love going shopping with my kids. Granted some days are tough and I've walked out of the store without my stuff due to crabby or naughty children. Yet, I am reminded that God has given them to me for now, and I must enjoy every second with them! We have a sticker system too that they receive a sticker for every store they are great in! When they reach a particular number they get a special treat. This can add up fast especially if we go to 4 stores in a week. Just something fun for them too!

So, are you a couponing mom with kids? I'd love to hear your stories!

Few pictures of one of our shopping adventures recently...

 We were trying to get a shot with them all putting their hands on their chin. Ha, that was a funny joke. Maddie was being a goober!
No clue what she is looking at!

Closest of the dozen! Crazy kids, but my big helpers