Sunday, February 5, 2012

What ya gonna do with such a huge frame?

That was the question my sweet husband asked me when I lugged a ginormous frame out of Goodwill one night. "I don't know, but I'll think of something," was my quick answer. Funny, how I had been looking for a cool big frame for sometime, but never really had a plan in action for if and when I found one!

I was glancing in the frame aisle and wasn't finding much of anything at all. Then, Andrew cried out, "Look at that one, Mommy!" I whirled around and there it sat waiting for me to snatch it up. The only problem was the price. I was really hesitant, because this particular goodwill has a reputation for having absolutely absurd prices. It was simply the frame--no glass or back at all, so my hesitation was growing smaller as I turned the frame over to spot the little white ticket's price. $4.99!!!! No way? I had to do several double takes, because I was shocked. Yup, let's say, I skipped out of the store this time too with the huge frame in hand!

My husband laughed when I told him I wasn't sure, but I quickly came up with a few options once I got home. I have this annoying arrangement in my living room where the kitchen cabinet back is just cluttered with my hodge podge of decor. I liked it better than the quilt that once hung there, but it needed a little change soon. So, that's where is is now! My sweet hubby measured me a piece of wood that sat in the shed and I grabbed the spray paint, brush, and chalkboard paint and went to work!


After.....I love how it fills almost the entire empty space. And now I have fun with what I decide to write too!

What new finds have you found recently? Would love to see how you have changed them to fit your decor scheme!