Monday, March 5, 2012

Book nook

My little ones LOVE to read! I am blessed, I know, and it has become even more fun since Andrew can actually read certain books now! This is how we found them the other night while they waited for mommy and daddy to tuck them into bed. Sure do love these little squirts!

We have a big project on the horizon once I find out the gender of the baby! Praying sooner than later, but my patience must  have testings! I don't have many other big things to do on the inside of the house, but I am pretty stoked about what I am going to do in this little man's room! I know, pretty frustrating when I don't tell you what it is, but oh well! Secrets are fun to keep! So, for now I continue to search for a particular piece of furniture and continue juggling all the ideas that I have come up with and how to put them into play. So, maybe sometime in the near future pictures will appear!