Thursday, March 8, 2012

Family Fun day

Recently we were able to purchase a membership for 3 different and amazing museums with a gift of money that someone had given us at Christmas-time. We had contemplated many options, but thought it would be super fun to purchase something that we could use and enjoy for a longer period of time!! So, pretty sure Discovery place will be seeing a LOT of the Swaffer family this year. We are planning on going 3 times next week since it is Andrew's spring break. That way we can hit all three and do tons of different things. Picnics at the park are always on the agenda too along with our Charlotte good-willing, so we are excited.

Daddy had off on Friday so we thoroughly enjoyed spending some quality time over hibachi and the Discovery place. 

More pictures than words, but sometimes that is all that is needed on a blog post! Family means the world to me and lately family days and outings together have grown of utmost importance! We are planning some trips for the near future and excited about the endless possibilities of creating many more memories TOGETHER!!