Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Girl's Afternoon In

I had a sweet time of fellowship with many of our college ladies last Sunday afternoon. I thought it would be fun to stay for lunch together and then bake cookies for all 37 of our college kids as they were all in the middle of midterm week!

Each girl brought an ingredient to share for a yummy taco lunch. We (not I) ended up being part of a taco eating contest. Why is it that girls eat way more food than guys when there are no guys present? Ha ha, I know the answer! It was funny though considering I thought we'd have tons of leftovers from all 11 pounds of ground beef that I prepared. Yup....11! There was maybe 4 lbs left! Nonetheless, I believe the winner was the skinniest of us all and she ate 8 huge tacos. We had great laughs and fun conversation. After lunch cleanup we got right into baking 2 huge batches of my chocolate chip cookies. We did one batch with m & ms and the other with just chocolate chips. It ended up producing over 250 cookies! We made little bags of 6 cookies in each and a note for each college/career kid.

Memories can truly be developed with them too----like dancing and singing to Rodger's and Hammerstein music and lots of fun stories.They had my camera, so obviously there were no pictures taken of the line dancing and other stuff they were doing! Silly girls! To top it off---we enjoyed some warm cookies and ice cream for dessert! Sure do love our college kids and look forward to creating many more memories with them.