Saturday, March 10, 2012

A little bit of education!

Our sweet Chloe Belle is getting way too big and way too fast! But, she is a joy in our home and we love her! Last week I was getting ready for a My Favorite Things party (I will post about tomorrow), and she wanted to help with the strings on the packages. I had cut some remnants off and found her later doing this!

I had no idea she could spell her name with no help. I mean, I know she is smart and knows most of her letters and such, but I didn't know she could write them--even if it was with string. She also thoroughly enjoyed getting to go with Andrew to school on Friday. I think she is ready for school in the fall. Just not quite sure if mommy is ready for that plunge yet, but I know it is inevitable!

 She was pretty sad that mommy came and picked them up!
They made a horse craft that they both loved!