Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A little overwhelmed with God's Goodness to me!

I know, bragging isn't the most feminine or polite, godly thing to do. However, I think this kind of bragging is healthy and needed! I am truly blessed to be married to an incredibly godly and sacrificial man! Not a day goes by when the Lord doesn't remind me of how "lucky" (blessed) I am to have him as my own.

Sad how often women find the things their husband doesn't do and stew over that list rather than looking at all he does do for her! The Lord has used multiple situations to remind me to look past the things that, in my mind, may be missing or not up to par with what I believe is needed, and focus on all the marvelous qualities he possesses! My mind is blown away and often disgusted when I hear how men refuse to do dishes, fold the clothes, get THEIR children ready for bed, change diapers, and many other things. Now, I know many of those things are the wife's "responsibility" as she is in the home and the husband is at work. But, really, there is no desire to help with those little things just because it is "her" job and she can handle it? Uggh, makes me frustrated.

Anyhow, I don't have that kind of guy, for which I am continually thankful. My husband often enjoys helping the girls pick our their pjs and clothes and get them dressed. Sometimes they don't completely match, but it is still priceless and we get a good laugh! I often find him sitting on the bedroom floor brushing the girl's hair! Chloe loves it and always seems to giggle when Daddy wants to do her hair. What memories and stories can be told from my little girls on what Daddy has done with them! Diapers are NEVER fun, but so thankful that many times my hubby just scoops up OUR  lil' ones and flies them to the diaper changing area. No, he does not have to, but he wants to, and that makes a HUGE difference. I just plain love that man and cannot fathom him not doing particular things that truly show me he too loves me! And, many of those things show our children too that Daddy cares about them, OUR home, and mommy! Lately, some of those household chores are more difficult for me, but boy, oh boy, my hubby sure has made my life a bazillion times easier. And, he loves to help! Love him!!!!

Also, ooberly blessed to have a hubby who can take care of OUR children so mommy can have a day out with friends or just out alone. Not only do I completely trust OUR little ones with him, but I don't get those innumerable calls wondering when I am getting home, or texts that insinuate that the house is falling apart, or hints that make you feel like you just have to go home right now because he is stressed and cannot handle it.

I love my man for many many things, but I am truly thankful for his godly leadership and love for me! Yes, I love to spend time with him, shop with him (he enjoys shopping and often goodwill shops without me--I know, really?---I am blessed!), cuddle, talk, and much more. But, I praise the Lord for the strength he gives me spiritually. He challenges me to be more for Christ and stop worrying about all those around me and worry about what my God thinks of me, my actions, my home, and my walk with Him.  He indeed is my greatest blessing God has so graciously given me.  

Thank you, Brian Swaffer, for the many little things that you do that prove to me your love for God is more important than anything else! I love you!

So, how about you! Are you finding the little insignificant things about your hubby that drive you nuts? Or, are you finding the qualities in him that you fell in love with! Cherish every minute, ladies!!!!!!!! And, I mean every minute! Beg God for your hubby to walk more closely with your Savior than you every day!! They need our prayers and constant devoted love, not our nagging or our modes of "fix all."