Thursday, March 1, 2012

My big helper

Ever have those days when you feel like all you do is discipline! And, you feel like nothing is getting through? Ahh, seems like more days lately, but so thankful that God gives the strength and can help us be consistent and loving. Andrew is growing up way too fast and is way too smart for his and his mommy's good. Unfortunately, we have really had to work on him about honoring and not arguing with authority especially as of late! I know we all have "perfect" kids in our own minds. Ha, not I! But, I am thankful for the opportunity to teach God's Word through each of my children's weaknesses!

Andrew has been the biggest helper lately! He has really taken some added responsibilities even without his mommy and daddy asking him. The other morning, while I struggled with a migraine for the 3rd day in a row, he came and informed me that he had made Chloe's, Maddie's, and his own bed to try to help me! I grabbed my camera and snapped a photo of his task! Didn't he do amazing? I sure think so! Granted, he always makes his bed and the girls make their own too, with a bit of help. But, he thought it would be helpful to sick mommy to just do them all.  Love this kid even when he struggles. Because, I too, as his mommy struggle and pray he loves me despite my millions of imperfections.
Thankful for my sweet treasures today!!!