Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Favorite Things Party!!!!

So, I am definitely going to do this again, because it was so much fun and so very relaxing! My sweet friend Amy told me about it and we finally confirmed a date and invited several other ladies to attend. I would have loved to make it bigger, but that is in store for next time! Just didn't know how it would turn out or if it would be a flop!

I enjoyed a little bit of decorating with card stock listing the different things in My favorite things song along with the lyrics framed on my mantel and a few other fun things. Cannot have a my favorite things party without brown paper packages tied up with strings.

Every lady brought 6 of their favorite things. Some had them wrapped others didn't, but it was so super fun! Everyone also brought their favorite dish to pass. I chose my wonton sausage stars, shrimp, sausages and yummy fruit filled water. Oh, and I threw some of my yummy pumpkin cheese-cake bars on a tray for my sweet friend who is on Weight Watchers. I know, I went over the one favorite thing, but I am hungry, food is my thing, and I was the hostess.

 We ended up with a real spread.... 2 types of amazing, thigh busting cheesecakes, chips and taco dip, queso, apple nachos, fruit and more! After enjoying our food we hit the gift piles. Each lady took turns handing out the gifts they brought explaining why it was their favorite and directions. I went with a few things because I wanted too, and there were no rules. I tried to figure out a price I wanted to spend first and went from there. So, I ended up giving each lady something from my favorite store ($5 Goodwill gift card), my favorite thing to do with my girls (crafting---so they made each lady a felt bow), and my favorite clean up/change up tool---can of spray paint!

Sarah gave everyone a cute little chalkboard she made, Amy gave amazing scarves, Laine gave some super cute homemade modge podged subway art and a flower pin, Ashley made 2 flower pins for each, Angela gave her favorite candy bars and a cilantro plant with a cute Disney flower pot decoration, and Holly gave amazing cleaning supply stuff to make your own cleaning supplies with a mopping cd and several other great things!

So, yes, we will do it again! Next time it will be a much bigger operation and we will have tons more fun, I am sure! Just had to get out all the snags on my guinea pigs first before making it an ordeal with more!