Thursday, March 22, 2012

My handy little helper

May I start by saying that I am ooberly blessed to have 3 children!? I do not take any of them for granted for MANY reasons! Lately we have really been working with Andrew in the area of LISTENING! I know it is normal at this age, and many say it is just something boys do, etc, etc, etc. However, we have had to find a balance and decipher between just plain boyish things and sin! Ever have one of those days when you say something and you can tell it totally flew right passed their little ears? Or, they run around trying to remember what you directly spoke into their ears while holding their hands to help them focus? Yup, that's me! I am not the most patient person, but God is really helping me in this area through my son! I fail all too often and just get plain exasperated about the little insignificant things. Yet, when I have to humble myself (very often) and go to him for an apology and seek forgiveness; he whips his arms around me, plops a firm kiss on my cheek, and whispers in my ear, "Yes, mommy, I forgive you, and I STILL love you." I have a treasure as a son and I am continually reminded of the gift I have in raising him to be more like our Savior!

Andrew is my hard worker. He is a young man with MUCH responsibility and I praise the Lord for all he does for his momma on a daily basis. He has made his bed since before he was 2, sweeps our floors, vacuums, takes out the trash, cleans the bathroom, and so many other things! People often ask, "How do you keep your house clean, and get stuff done?" My kids!!!!!! Seriously, it's true! I know in most homes it is the opposite---kids are the one that contribute to disasters, but thankful for a mommy who helped me enjoy keeping our home clean as a little girl and how I can teach ours the same. My munchkins are a vital contribution for our home running the way it does and I am so blessed!

Andrew has a sensitive heart! Ahhh, this is the clincher! I am CONSTANTLY rebuked by how tender his little heart is toward hurting others, hurting the Lord, or even just disappointments. He is quick to remind us of his needing discipline---I know, right? Wish my girls were that way, ha! (: Often when we are out and he disobeys or such we tell him to remind us once we get home or the punishment will be more severe. He has YET to forget!

Andrew is my prayer warrior! Do you have a child you pushes you to your knees? No, literally!? When Andrew hears of someone being sick, in an accident, needing a vehicle, you name it, he quickly says, "Momma, we have to pray for them RIGHT NOW!" I wish we all as adults had the prayer habits that my little man has! Oh, and he doesn't stop praying until it is fixed. Remember our van a few years ago? This little man prayed for a blue van for 3 years every day! I am so blessed for his little reminders and sincere love to pray.

Andrew is my little hero! I know at times I find myself being too hard on our little guy, and the Lord has to rebuke me and remind me that he is a six year old little boy and I need to let him be; however, I wouldn't trade my little man for anything! Just a few weeks ago he helped his daddy fix up an old, rotten bench that I had found at a yard sale for $5! Talk about excitement, motivation, and utter happiness when the job was completed! He begged and begged me to take a picture of him by the bench he built for mommy and blog about it! Yup, he's my little blogger buddy! He helps me come up with things to write about! So, here is a little picture of my sweet heroic little helper! I am blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to impact him a little for Christ! Praying I can do a better job over the years to come! I love you, buddy!

chillin' on the new bench he made with daddy!
Had to get a silly shot!