Monday, March 19, 2012

My Weekly Treasure Hunt

I've been wanting to post on my fun weekly finds, but wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do! So, I opted for a Monday morning highlight on what I purchased at thrift stores, yard sales, side of the roads, or what nots from the previous week. We are gonna call it ...My Weekly Treasure Hunt!

Last week was super fun for many was spring break, my birthday, and the first real week of yard sales! I had the chance to hit a few Charlotte goodwills earlier in the week and found some awesome Christmas decor. I only paid $1.49 for each and am so excited about decorating for Christmas this year. The pictures aren't the greatest and the bows will go, but these are so pretty with pine cones and such. They had a price tag of $16.99 on the back of each one!
 garland made into wreath
 two pine cone and berry garland and the wreath

Friday after we took some friends to the lake we ventured to a few thrift stores right downtown. I hit the jackpot on clothes! They said that all clothing was $1! Definitely isn't as good as yard sailing and bartering down to 50 cents and such, but a $1 for Old Navy summer shirts made me a happy camper! I ended up with 7 shirts, 1 Old Navy skirt, a Motherhood maternity cute pair of gauchos, 2 dresses and several shirts and cute things for the kids! Oooh, and I found a cute yarn wreath for 50 cents too! I am gonna put it in Andrew's room when I figure out what I am gonna do with my photo collage.
 Saturday was my birthday and my sweet hubby took me yard sailing and thrift shopping most of the morning. He gave each of the kids money to buy gifts for mommy. So, when I found something I liked I gave it to one of them and they ran and paid for it! It was such a neat idea and so much fun! The kids thoroughly enjoyed it too. They kept counting how much they had left to spend on mommy!
I got 6 gorgeous shirts at a yard sale for 50 cents each and several other fun finds. Andrew found me a really cute makeup bag, sandals, and some shorts from Cato.
 Chloe bought me this stand that I knew right off I would stuff with oranges or other fruit and display on our table! She got me a cute skirt too.

That was my synopsis of treasure hunting on a budget this last week! Looking forward to many more yard sales and lots of fun finds this summer! How about you? Did you come across any fun treasures this week?