Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Carpet= New house! In my opinion!

Super stoked to show you my "new" house! I know it's not new to you, but it really is to us in many ways! No more nasty smelling, disgusting, stain covered, blah carpet throughout our home! It is now gorgeous, stain-free, soft, and new smelling and we LOVE it!

Didn't get snaps of all the rooms yet, because with all the changes there are more changes developing and much rearranging going on! I have a place for everything, but just not 100% sure all the rooms will stay how I have them. Looking forward to showing you what I did with a yard sale find from almost 10 years ago----I know, I started young, but I had started a few years before marriage so we would have a well-furnished home! Will post again tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing your back here!