Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New front door curtain

After my other curtains were demolished by much company of slimy lil' fingers who were always so curious as to what was beyond these doors, I set out to figure out what to do for some temporary curtains. I wanted to find the fabric I had used for the windows, but after much searching and researching from fellow friends at Mary Jos, it was gonna be nigh impossible to come across some.

But, I will not lose heart, just had to figure something out for the time being. I ended up having a bit of brown material leftover from a different project and found some red cloth at Goodwill. Just glued the hems and stuck em' on the door for some temporary evening privacy!

Chloe had the idea of the flower since it matches the flowers that are in the window curtains! We are happy with it. Pretty certain a new door is in the horizon which will eliminate the big open window. However, for now I will enjoy my new door coverings!

How about you....any new curtains of late?