Friday, March 9, 2012

Special Dates

I know, I know.....redundant ain't I? Well, guess maybe it's obvious that I ADORE my family and the times we share together! My hubby and I have been able to get away much lately and date nights are increasing in number, and I am not going to complain about that one wink! We had a sweet college student tell us she was going to watch our kids on Saturday so we could go on a date. It's not often when people tell us rather than our having to make arrangements, so, of course, we jumped at the opportunity!

The plan was to start at the Imax and watch Tornado Alley (which my hubby has wanted to seen for quite some time). Somewhat ironic especially since the night before a tornado ripped through a ritzy neighborhood in Charlotte. It was great, well the parts when I kept my eyes open! Unfortunately, the imax wasn't the best idea for this sicko pregnant lady! I know, you may say, "I could have told you that." Well, sometimes you gotta learn for yourself. I am pretty sure most of it had to do with the fact that I was already sick much of the morning and I hadn't kept food in my tummy since Thursday. But, nonetheless, there was no way out until the end of the show, so I grasped my tummy, closed my eyes, and begged God to help me not upchuck all over the nicely kept up imax theatre. He answered that prayer and when the lights came up I ran to the restroom and didn't quite make it. Yup, not fun cleaning up your own vomit in public, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. So, romantic huh?

Well, we hit the outdoors and the fresh air seemed to fix quite a bit. I nibbled on a few crackers and we tried to figure out the next mode of action. We had planned on going to one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Northcrest that we can't afford very often and it is AMAZING! But, my tummy wasn't singing Italian after my Imax rendezvous. So, we thought a fancy shmancy burger and sweet potato fries would hit the spot and then we could hit the mall and Cheesecake factory for a yummy dessert.
 That plan was great and we had tons of fun people watching and shopping at the mall. Oh, and you cannot shop at the mall without getting an auntie annes pretzel! MMMM, yummy! Yup, we were enjoying the junk food galore, but most of it didn't stay down if it's any help. Unfortunately, cheesecake factory was booked and we didn't really want to wait forever for just a dessert so we ended up just grabbing Sweet Frog yogurt on the way home!

Super fun date night and looking forward to many more with my best friend!