Thursday, March 15, 2012

What a lil' paint can do to ugly brown bunk beds!

Sneak peek into our girls room and a lil' glimpse of our new carpet!
So, my long awaited project is completed!!! We were given a set of bunk-beds last year for FREE and needed to get them up that night since we had unexpected company in the very next day! So, needless to say, painting the ugly things didn't happen and the laborious job of taking them apart didn't happen either.

Well, I knew that when carpet was on the agenda I was gonna have to muster up some energy and get this job done! The girls room has also needed to be repainted forever so I picked out another shade of pink and got it all painted and ready to go! The girls were pretty thrilled about their carpet, "new" bed, new pink, and how they chose to help mommy rearrange their furniture and toys! I am not 100% sure that this little one within is a girl, but if so, the rearranging will happen again soon! (: But, for now, we are going to enjoy it's new luxuries!

How about you have anything that you have painted recently that was hideous before? Seems like, that is all I can ever afford---ugly! But, it sure is fun to slap on some paint and make things beautiful!

Happy painting and rearranging!