Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Little" blessings sent from above!

One might think that after having 2 girls I wouldn't need anything. But, after Maddie I pretty much weeded out much of the clothes and sold them at a local consignment sale to help earn some money for the next season's clothes for the other munchkins. All that to say, when we found out it was a girl I hit the road running and praying for some provision in the clothes department! I had kept several adorable newborn dresses and a few other things, but really not very much! May I just say, my God cares about the little newborn clothes desire too?!
Our little angel awaiting her arrival!

This is one of my yard sale tips that I may mention in a future post, but I was just too thrilled to hold it in. When you find a yard sale that has a bazillion things you love, could use, want, need, etc, and don't have the money nor the complete knowledge needed, GET THEIR NUMBER! Silly, it may seem, but this action has been something that has been so rewarding in many of my large finds at yard sales. Remember my gorgeous micro suede 2 year old couches I bought for only $100? Yup, they were at a yard sale and we didn't have the money then. So, I took down her number and called her 3 (yup 3) weeks later! Because of that phone number, prayer, clear direction, and determination to get a great deal I can sit on comfy, matching couches and didn't break our pockets and aren't making monthly payments!

Okay, so back to the baby clothes. Saturday our little family packed up the van early, grabbed a few snacks, carefully counted out some quarters for each of the kids from their piggy banks and hit the road looking for those awesome signs. You know the ones that say, "Come buy our junk!" Well, not really, but they might as well say that sometimes! Nonetheless, we had an appointment to stop at a church members home at 10 to look at a piano they were wanting us to have---post on that later this week! (o: So, we had to book it in the yard sale department. The kids seemed to hit the jackpot more than mommy that morning. They each had their little ziploc bag of $1.50 in coins and they were my little barterers. Chloe ended up finding a gorgeous Barbie doll and 2 beautiful, long church dresses! Andrew found an entire package of brand new 8 matchbox cars and a few other things! I honestly don't remember what Maddie found, but she didn't spend more than a quarter! (o: Daddy found a 2 person tent and me, well, I wasn't finding much of anything. My list is pretty concrete in my head and I really didn't want to just buy more stuff because it was cool. I have some bigger items I am looking for specifically, so I was just happy to be out and about with my family. Anyhow, the last yard sale we went to was in a rougher neighborhood, but it was a jackpot for little girls clothes! No, I am serious, JACKPOT! No joke,  this family must have had well over 500 gorgeous baby girl outfits---all name brand and they were charging 50 cents a piece. Unbelievable!!! Only bad thing, I didn't know what we were having until Monday afternoon! So, I walked away boo hooing a bit from disappointment. It felt like a cruel joke God was playing on me, but He reminded me to get the number and just be patient and wait! So, that is just what I did! And, come Monday afternoon when we found to our "utter amazement" (not really) that we were having another girl, I dialed that number and made arrangements to go shopping through what they had left! I did just that yesterday afternoon and was sooooooooo excited with God's provision! Let's just say, I think I am covered in the baby clothes department until the 6-9 month stage!

Tub of clothes from yard sale (few I had, but not much)

 Baby girl clothes on bottom wrung! Finally reorganized closet!!!

Not only did He answer the prayer of the clothes, but He answered another request. I have been looking for a bassinet or something we could fit in our room for when the baby is itty bitty! I know some people avoid that, but when I have 3 other kids, school, and other such, I like the convenience of having the baby near me. So, I put a bassinet on my list, but was being a bit picky about it. I didn't' want all the frilly stuff out there and I somewhat wanted something more practical like maybe a play pen type thing with a bassinet included so I could use it more than just at home.  Guess what? Because God made me wait, when I walked into their home they mentioned that they had a bassinet, changing table, playpen combo that they forgot to take to the yard sale and wondered if I would be interested! Ha Ha!!! It is the cutest brown and pink Graco set and they only used it twice. I only paid $20 for it!

Play pen, bassinet, changing table combo $20!!

So, sorry for the longevity of the post, but when God answers prayers it is a BIG deal and I love to praise Him for them! It is nothing to do with me, but it's pretty amazing to look at how He cares about our yard sale lists too!

Has God answered any need or want requests of yours lately?