Thursday, April 26, 2012

Parks and "close to free entertainment”

Come summer we love to go on picnics and take long walks in the park!!! I am so thankful for some gorgeous, fun, and free parks all around us! We are looking forward to going to the water park next week when it opens, and yup, it's free!!!!! The kids have been counting down the days until it opens so we are planning our adventure with their plastic cups in hand (they like to fill cups and have water fights).
I figured after a busy week of food preparation for our church banquet we could plan some really fun events for next week! So, on the agenda: Discovery Place kids (free), water park (free), Sweet Frog (not free, but not expensive), sprinkler in the back yard (free), and planting in the garden (free and very fun to get messy)! I am sure we will do lots of book reading, Andy Griffith watching, laughing, napping (yippee!!!) and other essential stuff like laundry and housework, but it is fun to plan together some extra fun things too!

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Any fun adventures on your horizon now that the weather is nice?