Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun and Finished

This mommy certainly loves weather being conducive to my little ones being able to play outside! Honestly, playing outside for hours a day is something that we do best around here! We enjoyed another picnic and fun time at the water park the other day and the weather was perfectly WARM! Sometimes it’s just nice to get away and do something that isn’t always at the tip of your fingers. Last year Maddie was a bit more hesitant about all the sprinklers, but not this year!
 misc 721 misc 723
As for the finished part of the title: Here is the completed book nook! Andrew loves it and mommy does too. I still have to spray paint the stool, but gotta wait on that for a little bit yet! All in all it cost us about $10!!!! The only expense was the light and the 4 cool brand new shelving units I found at Goodwill that worked perfectly for his old cars and for some other odds ‘n ends!
misc 746 misc 748
   misc 744misc 745
My little man is always excited now to sit in his closet and read! I am looking forward too to have a very specific and organized place for him to do his homework next year!