Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quirky bit o’ decor!

I love creating our own decor. And, furthermore, I love doing it for FREE! After finding some old windows in the mountain I knew I had to start making the wreath I’ve been wanting to make for quite some time.

I am such an impatient person, and hate waiting for every piece needed to finish a project. So, yes, that’s why we have several projects underway and have yet to complete them. But, I like it that way, most of the times. Anyhow, I had been looking for some old windows particularly to hang above our bed with a wreath and old shutters on either side. (thanks to a friend for this great idea) I haven’t found the shutters yet, but I figured it would be fine to start this project even without the other needed items.

My sweet princesses and I threw our flip flops on, grabbed an empty tub, and ventured through our yard picking up all the sticks we could find. This is free, it involves exercise, AND you get to tidy up your yard at the same time! The girls seemed to enjoy it more than big preggo mommy who struggled to bend down a bazillion times, but we laughed together lots.

misc 672

Then, we grabbed the spray paint and painted our wreath form the color we were going to paint the sticks. Don’t you love my spray painted deck? Don’t worry, if we weren’t planning on tearing it down this summer or fall, I’d be a bit more careful with the paint and covering stuff, etc.

misc 675 

After painting that begins the fun part of breaking up your sticks and arranging them the way you’d like. I just started with lining them all up flat on the the form, gluing them as I went.

misc 679

misc 680

After your first row is complete, randomly place twigs all over so as to create more dimension. I did this with little rhyme or reason, but loved how it turned out. We took it back outside after we finished gluing and spray painted the entire thing with our paint. After that dried I grabbed my handy can of spray glitter and added a little final touch.  Like I said, it’s not the most gorgeous, but it fits, is growing on me, and was free!

misc 681 misc 684

Now, I just need to find my shutters and one other little thing to complete this project!! How about you? Any wreath creations recently or on your idea list? You should pop over and see my friend’s burlap wreath she made last week. It is super cute and she used an old window she found on the side of the road! Sarahsweekendworkshop