Saturday, May 19, 2012

Still in the Storms of life

Often when we get swept up in the frustrations, trials and discouraging moments in life we fail to just “be still” and rest in the center of God’s Almighty hands. I have been to that place all too often lately, for which I am not complaining, just keeping it real to my readers. It has been in and through these times that I have seen God work so much more. Seems like all too often I find myself wondering if I really need another lesson on patience and trust, yet God continues to show me that I will Forever and Always need lessons on those two things and many more!

So, what do I do amidst the blustery winds that try to discourage me? I run to God’s Word and to the throne of Grace! Now, don’t get me wrong, I know I am far from perfect like you, and I think much worse than anyone, and all too often I find myself failing in this area too. Occasionally I find myself running to others sources or avenues to alleviate the stress and burdens (ie. complaining about it, talking to friends about it, just plain discouragement and more).Yet, it is then that God lovingly grabs me by the hand and looks into my eyes as if to say, “Daughter, why must you look anywhere but up?” I do know that God’s Word alone stands the test of time and gives strength to endure any horrific winds that come my way. What a sweet reminder for me to remember that I need Him first and foremost---and He is all I need!

Singing has been one of the biggest helps to me lately! I find myself prone to humming, whistling, or just singing out loud wonderful songs that give such tremendous encouragement to me in every aspect! It was then that I remembered something I had wanted to do with my sweet little ones for quite some time! Our children LOVE to sing!!! When I say LOVE I mean LOVE!!! But, they each had their favorites and I felt we sang the same songs over and over again a million times a week. So, as the Lord gave me some sweet blessings and treasures through songs the last few weeks, I thought it would be a fun little project for my little ones to write down every Sunday School song we could think of and put them on strips of paper and fill a jar! That way when we are wanting to just sit and sing or when we are done with family devotions they could each pick strips of paper out giving us more variety in song choices! That way we weren’t singing “Bold as a Lion” every time it was Maddie’s turn to pick!

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Let’s just say it was the best mini project I’ve done with them! We had so much fun brainstorming together, cutting different colors of paper into strips, writing out the names of songs, and filling our little jar! Not only do our children continue to LOVE to sing, but they LOVE it even more!

So, no matter what trials, frustrations, hurts, and uncertainties have surrounded you, remember that God alone desires your hand and will walk you through the road HE has chosen for you. And, as you walk that road, no matter how bumpy it is-- sing a little song---it makes a world of difference!