Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Amazing Grace Day!!

misc 658 So, I know some will have no idea what I am talking about and others will know. But, today is a day that I call “Grace Day!” Silly it may be to some, but not to me—NEVER! One year ago today marked an incredible event in my life, ministry, marriage, home, and within my heart! It was not a fun “event”, if you will, but I can honestly say it has changed the person I was into being completely different! I pray that that difference continues for the better and God continues to mold me into a much more useable and humble vessel fit for His service!

I have many things for which I look at today especially and praise the Lord for with my whole heart!

  1. My godly husband—who is a true leader, a godly example, faithful in God’s Word, a patient father, and my very BEST FRIEND!
  2. My children/family-whom I cannot take for granted and must praise God for each precious moment I have with them.
  3. The Word of God-which has become my daily map for living! I cannot go throughout a day without it falling apart if I forsake to run to His road map for me!
  4. Prayer-Ahh, a constant enjoyment and such a blessing I have received from growing in this area. I know I have much more growth to go, but I have watched this change me in so many ways!
  5. Forgiveness and a change of focus on many key principles in God’s Word—For so long I had gotten an attitude on particular commands and principles in God’s Word that I believe were a bit distorted. I found the Lord use this day a year ago to get me to realize that I must re-look many key areas in my life in order to find God’s mind on them! If you haven’t read my post on Forgiveness I wrote a few months ago, click here….Choice or Learning???
  6. Godly friends-While I could name names, I won’t, but I am truly indebted to a few key people who took us under their wings and made us feel safe, loved, and no different! Sometimes I wish this were true with all, but this was an0ther lesson that God used in my life to show me areas I needed to change too.
  7. HOPE in Christ---ever go through a huge trial and just have a million questions and frustrations? Well, I have and it isn’t always enjoyable! However, to look back over a years worth of growth, change, challenges, tears, laughter and much more, I can honestly say that from day 1 I saw hope in Christ and for that I am sooooooo thankful!

That is just a few things that today I am saying Thank you to God Almighty for! I am overwhelmed at the paths of life He has allowed us to endeavor down, but I am even more thankful that He has a plan and purpose through them all!

I have read several books over the year and have jotted down many helpful quotes along the way! Here are a few that God gave me during a very trying week filled with frustrations, fears, hurt, and many uncertainties that lay ahead:

“What comfort it brings my fainting heart to know that in these stumbling times of discouragement and despair, of depletion and seeming defeat, the Shepherd will find us…restore and “fix” us…and follow us…until we are well on our way again.”

“But, if I am God’s, this suffering, in Christ’s hands will change me always! Sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly!”

“All sunshine produces a desert…but rain brings forth flowers!”

“We must depend on our unseen God who is true to these words. If we fail in those 15-minute testings, what will we do when the waters rise?”

I pray, my dear friends, that when God sends the storms of life you too can claim to His truths and run to His throne of grace for every ounce of strength, clear directions, and marvelous hope. What a joy to look over the last year and see what GOD HAS DONE! I give Him the praise for what He alone can do through us wicked sinners!!

Have a blessed day---mine is filled with Amazing Grace!