Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Best Gift ever!

Let’s just say I am pretty much a girl in love for MANY reasons! I am so thankful for a man I get to call my best friend, my godly leader, and the most precious daddy to our little treasures! I know, sappy, huh? Oh, well, I like sappiness sometimes.

Brian had all day Friday off and was sweet as pie to tackle the grocery shopping with me so I didn’t have to do it alone this week! There are many reasons why I get so excited about this----he is strong, he occupies children, he is just plain fun to shop with, and he’s someone else I can talk to like a normal adult! Pretty much sums it up—he’s amazing!

After we did a bit of our shopping (I shop at about 4-5 stores depending on coupons) we stopped at 2 stores for Daddy to help pick out his father’s day gifts! He was looking for a particular tool organizer thing and golf shoes, so it certainly wasn’t something we could just go pick out and “hope” he liked them. We had fun in the golf store, for sure, as he tried on a “million” pairs of shoes---not really! An But, it really made me thankful for the many times he’s sat in the van while I ran around at yard sales or came with me to Goodwills, etc.

Andrew seriously turned to me at one point and asked if there was such a thing as brother or sister day! We had a good laugh. Guess it can be confusing to have a mothers and fathers day but not a kids day! I informed him that he will have a fathers day for him when he gets married and has a baby  and he will get father’s day gifts too. Then, Chloe piped up, “Mom, Andrew can’t have a baby!” Ahhhhh, the literalists we have as children!

We had fun taking daddy to Texas Roadhouse for dinner Sunday. Shout out for that place----they had tents up for while we waited, drink coolers with water and lemonade available, chalk, card games, and other fun toys for the kids to play with and take home. It definitely made our wait not as painful in the almost 90 degree weather.

 misc 917 

This was Chloe’s cute drawing with her chalk! Don’t you love my belly with a baby in it?

She got many compliments!

misc 919

I sure do love these four!

After a busy day of shopping and such, we came home, grilled out, and had a fun chocolate fountain family dessert time! This was the Wilton fountain I found at a yard sale several weeks ago for $5. We loved it and had so much fun together!