Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cheap Tablecloth+ $.29 placemats= luxurious

I know, I know, I mentioned we had made a table cloth the beginning of last week, and I totally forgot to blog about it! Alas, I think I can use the pregnancy brain as a legitimate excuse! Actually, I think that excuse is getting overused. Oh well, here it is gracing our little kitchen table!

misc 921 It’s not the most beautiful nor ornate, but it covers the table and makes meal times much easier! The placemats were a fun find at Value Village for $.29 each and I am in love!

The best part of this little thing is it involved all my little ones. We had fun cutting it out and finishing the edges all together! Andrew wanted to put the extra peaches in the fruit stand to, “make it extra pretty, mom.” I love my little ones and the times we are able to spend together doing fun things for our home and for each other!

And, I mustn’t forget to show you the yard sale find we “happened” across last week------a 4 foot python for $175! One of my sweet friends actually refused to get out of the van until she knew it could not be seen. Me, on the other hand, wanted a picture so the owner took the “lil’” guy out of the box and took the lid off. Guess that’s what happens when you live in Africa for almost a year---you become a bit daring! No worries----we didn’t buy him!

100_8087We are running into another busy week around here, but I pray you each are running to the Lord first before tackling the paths He has prepared for you this week! Thanks for stopping by!