Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Messy to ORGANIZED!!!!

Yesterday appeared like it was gonna be another lazy day! Ever scheduled doctor appointments too close together and not notice it til the week before? Yes, that is the story of my life these days. And, yes, I have a calendar, but sometimes that still doesn’t seem to help. Despite having had pregnancy brain and scheduling a doctor appointment for me and a dentist appointment for me and a dentist appointment for Andrew all within 15 minutes of each other we all came out ok amidst the crazy morning! Thankfully Daddy was able to take Andrew to his dentist and I managed to just go to my doctor appointment 1 hour early!

Needless to say, once we all got back home, ate lunch, and cleaned up a bit---we all crashed for a nap! I hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before so I was pretty exhausted.

Once we all got a bit of beauty sleep I set out to get something done!!! I have really wanted to empty our entire closet, go through stuff, box some stuff up, and just reorganize it! Thanks to my sweet hubby, I had lots of muscles and an enjoyable time despite the seeming tornado that hit our bedroom! We started a few minutes before Chloe and Andrew woke up and when they did this was their reaction, “Wow, you made a BIG mess, mom!” You bet I did. I informed them that you have to make a bigger mess to fix the little mess.

The before picture is dark and fuzzy, but as you can see it was pretty cluttered and nasty!!! So glad that is forever GONE!

misc 980

We managed to get rid of about 3 trash bags of stuff, 8 boxes of stuff got packed up and sent to the attic for our next house with an OFFICE, and I set out to improvise with what set up we had. I really didn’t want to spend money on shelving stuff and such, so we made do with what we had! I am soooo happy how it turned out and it looks so much cleaner and less cluttery (think I just made that word up)!

We even had fun adding a little lamp and a few decorations  in a really cool crate (that I forgot I had) on top of Brian’s clothing shelf!

I love to just walk by it and open the doors and smile! N0 more digging through stuff to get to our shoes, forgetting we had that super cute pair of heels, losing our mind trying to get that pair of shorts you can’t find anywhere, and just plain knowing where everything is!!! Ahhh, task complete and we had many laughs along the way!  misc 981