Monday, June 18, 2012

Minor “changes”

So, I am completely in love with very simple changes we have made with last week’s treasure hunt finds! My little chalkboard shelf is just sitting on top of the piano with “happiness” written on it! Andrew was pretty pumped that he could read it!

The adorable light base I found fits wonderfully in the girls room and is much more difficult for chunky little hands to constantly turn on and off.

The two older ones helped me make a new curtain for our small kitchen window too which was way overdue! But, I like it much better and always enjoy getting little things checked off the list with my children.

I completely forgot to show you the tablecloth we made together last week, so maybe tomorrow that will be in a post along with something I forgot to show you was on sale at last week’s yard sales!

What little changes have you made to your home? I know, people call me crazy, but I love to make my home beautiful to me, and sometimes just moving one decoration to a different location satisfies the need for change fix!! lol Anyhow, I’d love to see what little things you do to make your home more beautiful to you!

Thanks for stopping by!