Monday, June 25, 2012

My Weekend Treasure hunt---lack thereof!

Well, my usually treasure hunt post is non-existent. I was cooking and baking in kitchens all day Wednesday, much of Thursday, and most of Friday and Saturday! But, I had far more fun doing that than out gallivanting all over Timbuktu in search of yard sales! I honestly only saw a few signs over the weekend which made it much easier to not feel like I was “missing” out!

Do you remember the big chocolate fountain I found at a yard sale a few weeks back and only paid $5 for it? I hadn’t posted a picture just because and wanted to show you what we did with it to celebrate a fun banquet honoring our pastor! I had someone else take pictures since I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Thank you, Valerie, for all your help. I am hoping I can find some pictures with better lighting. My camera is cheap so don’t have all that good stuff to fix the lighting---maybe someday!

I was super stoked to do a chocolate fountain table with 2 kinds of chocolates, fruit, pretzels, marshmallows, angel food cake, cookies, rice krispie treats, and more! I am pretty sure it was the highlight for many people—just something fun and different!

misc 965

Again, it’s super dark, but here is our drink table, other dessert table, and buffet line! Thank you to all who helped make this run so smoothly!

misc 962 misc 956    We baked 883 cookies and had less than 100 left!misc 966  misc 945

Super fun times and love doing stuff like this. Just maybe the next one I won’t be humungous preggo!