Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Weekly Treasure Hunt

So, this was another weekend of unexpected opportunity to hit some yard sales. We had a very busy weekend planned so I figured no squeezing in any shopping. Friday night we had tons of fun with our college kids at our monthly game night. I had invited several of the girls to spend the night since rides to the game night were hard to come by and I didn’t want them to miss due to that! So we planned a mini spend the night party. Once the guys left we had fun playing lots of games, crazy laughter, snacks and a portion of a movie before falling asleep at almost 4 am. One of my crazy college girls had the wild idea of all getting up and going yard saling! I was game despite being worn out! We got a later start and just stayed in Kings Mountain, but found tons of sales!

My favorite find was when we pulled up to a home that looked as if they were almost finished cleaning up and putting everything away! There were two sets of pretty shutters they were asking $10 for each and I was pretty stoked when he gave all of them to me for $5. Then, as we were pulling out I noticed a huge pile of wood at the end of his driveway. I put the van back in park and got out only to find a stack of cabinet doors! I know, some of you are thinking, “Cabinet doors? What will you do with those?” You will just have to wait and see! I also found a huge bolt of beautiful nice quality red fabric for only $2! Scored big on that one and will show you later in the week the table cloth my munchkins and I made with it!

Other than those things I did find a few other things on Friday at Goodwill. I actually hadn’t been in that store since yard sales came about this summer, so I was pumped when I hit the jackpot on a few things including a pretty dress I wore on Sunday, 2 pair of pj pants, a cute chalkboard shelf, a candle warmer, mirror, a red vase, super cute chalkboard oil jars, a pink light, 5 nice black shades (39 cents) and a few other odds ‘n ends. Sorry I didn’t get everything in picture. I was so tired after lugging all the wood to the shed and the shutters that I failed to take a photo. Guess you will just have to believe me and wait and see the projects I do to them!

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Thanks for stopping by, my friends!