Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pantry Organization

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We had another rainy day Monday and mommy had lots for my little ones and I to tackle in the category of organization! I am so thankful for God’s provision and a constant surplus of sales and answers to prayers when it comes to every category of our home.

Our pantry had gotten a little bit nasty lately, and yup, I totally forgot to take a before picture, pregnancy brain strikes again. My little ones helped me decide which shelves to put what on and helped me move it all out and then back in again after cleaning the shelves and deciding where to put it all! We love doing little jobs like this all together.

The cereal is at their level for a good reason----they usually get their own breakfast if it is a cereal morning! Notice the snacky stuff is on the top shelf---that’s for mommy’s convenience NOT Maddie’s!!! She still tries and knows where certain things are, but this is the kid that can pull a full gallon of milk from the fridge and pour her own cup without making a mess, most of the time! (o:

So, what little organizing projects have you done with your little ones lately? Isn’t it fun?!!